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Defective Hernia Mesh

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Defective Hernia Mesh

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Goldstein & Greco has extensive experience representing clients facing injuries caused by defective medical products, drugs, and more. Filing a lawsuit against a large medical corporation may seem like a daunting task, but with the right legal team in your corner, it does not have to be. Goldstein & Greco has the knowledge, experience, and grit that it takes to effectively fight these companies to attain the compensation you deserve.


As you may know, hernias are relatively common medical issues and occur in people of all ages and genders. Fortunately, in most cases, fixing a hernia is a relatively simple medical procedure and typically, hernias are remedied without issue. However, this isn’t always the case. Hernia mesh is one of the most common treatments for hernias. Though these medical devices are designed to streamline the healing process and prevent future hernias, they sometimes lead to very serious complications. If you were harmed by a hernia mesh, you shouldn’t hesitate to speak with a seasoned Buffalo defective hernia mesh lawyer from Goldstein & Greco for help.

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Common Hernia Mesh Injuries

Though hernia mesh is a relatively simple medical device that should be designed and manufactured perfectly at this point, manufacturers still often use cheap materials that can lead to significant issues. Just some of the most common hernia mesh injuries we see are as follows:


  • Bowel obstructions
  • Organ perforation
  • Infections
  • Sexual dysfunction in males
  • Hernia mesh migrations
  • Sticking to intestines
  • Pinching nerves
  • Seromas
  • Subsequent hernias


If you’re exhibiting any of the aforementioned symptoms after having a hernia mesh procedure, there’s a strong chance you’ll qualify for compensation. However, we will have to prove that your injury was directly caused by defective hernia mesh. Always proceed with a knowledgeable attorney in your corner.

Recalled Hernia Mesh Products

Currently, there are several recalls on defective hernia mesh. Just some of the most common hernia mesh recalls we’ve seen are as follows:

  • Proceed (Ethicon)
  • Physiomesh (Ethicon)
  • C-QUR (Atrium Medical)
  • Compsix Kugel Mesh (Bard Davol)

If you were injured by one of these recalled hernia mesh devices, you should strongly consider speaking with Goldstein & Greco today. You may qualify for compensation, and our legal team is here to help you receive it.

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  • Any history you have had with filing personal injury claims in the past
  • Medical documentation and bills associated with your injuries

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